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Successful Solopreneurs is a subscription-based, private Facebook group, developed to serve solo businesses needing marketing help but unable to afford the cost of a marketing agency or high-end consultant. In this online community, you can network, share, and learn about the myriad ways to market your business both traditionally and digitally.


What is Successful Solopreneurs?

Successful Solopreneurs is an online, subscription-based community specifically geared for independent medical service providers.

Most solopreneurs don’t have a big marketing budget and typically don’t know how to go about marketing their specialized services. Marketing a service-based business is very different from promoting a product.

Here you will learn the best ways to market your service along with other service providers like yourself. This online community could lead to collaborations, additional sales, and referrals!


Who is Successful Solopreneurs designed to help?

This group is a global online community made up of independent medical service providers who can network and promote their businesses while learning effective marketing strategies and techniques. 


Who should join?

Independent medical service providers including but not limited to:



Certified Nursing Assistant






Fitness Coach

Forensic Photographer

Health and Wellness Professional

Holistic Practitioner


Licensed Social Worker

Massage Therapist

Medical Coder/Biller

Medical Copywriter

Medical Illustrator

Medical Transcriptionist

Personal Trainer

Physical Therapist


Private Caregiver

Private Nurse



Speech-Language Pathologist

Why should I join Successful Solopreneurs?

You will become an exclusive member of a global online community made up of independent medical service providers. In doing so, you will be encouraged to promote your services, learn how to market your services, and determine which methods feel authentic to you. You will also receive access to lots of resources, both off- and online, and discounts, where applicable. You will receive training on how to position yourself for your market, and, most importantly, present the right message when offering your services.



What else will I get when I join?

  • Access to a seasoned marketing executive with backup support
  • Access to a global network of medical service providers
  • Step-by-step marketing training
  • 2-3 live Zoom/Facebook Lives/week
  • Permanent video replays
  • Answers to posted marketing questions (from me and the community)
  • Hard-to-find resources for solopreneurs
  • Guest speaking appearances from qualified marketing specialists
  • One private strategy meeting per month
  • Opportunities to promote your services
  • Special promotions and discounts
  • Monthly competitions, drawings, and give-aways
  • Mentor/Mentee program
  • Online networking via Zoom

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Join the only private network with seasoned medical service providers. Network online and develop strategic partnerships. We’re growing, and we want you to join us! Cancel at any time.

The standard subscription rate is $47/month. 

Receive one month FREE by making a one-time annual payment of $517.

If you cancel and rejoin at a later date, the current subscription rate will apply. 

Have more questions?

How much will it cost to join the Successful Solopreneurs private group?

Our Founding Members’ promotion has expired. Join now at the standard subscription rate of $47/month or $517 annually (one month FREE!).

What if I want more? I think this group is great, but my business is growing, and I want to talk about hiring you on a part-time basis.

Congratulations on your business growth! I would be happy to discuss your business marketing needs. I invite you to contact me at

About Judith Isaacson, M.S.

Judy brings over 35 years of experience in medical marketing, communications, investor, and public relations. Her specialty is developing dynamic, integrated medical marketing programs for industry leaders such as AST Products, Inc., Medical Support Systems, and Statlife.

Judy is currently an Executive Consultant at Vital Now! Medical Marketing and Communications, an independent, global consultancy where she helps medical organizations in the areas of corporate branding, medical education, and medical communications.

Judy is a former adjunct lecturer at several Boston-area colleges. Judy received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Emmanuel College and her Master of Science degree from Simmons University in Communications Management.

“I am very excited to be a part of this unique private online community. I plan to be extremely active and responsive in the group and will be available to those members that need help and other resources. Consider me your personal chief marketing officer (CMO)!”